Who We Are
Who Are We?
Formed in 1945, our Chapter has been entertaining small and large audiences in the Sarnia and surrounding area for more than 75 years.

Our mission statement is “to preserve, promote and encourage the barbershop style by striving for excellence in performance and presentation in public and private performances and by sharing the love and knowledge of that style and music of all forms, with people of all ages. 

Dave Crosbie was appointed director of the Sarnia Bluewater Chordsmen chorus in 1988 and has provided music leadership for the chorus since then. Currently Dave Crosbie, Ian Crosbie and Joe Lobsinger are active directors of the chorus.  They lead a dedicated music team to ensure that a high level of professionalism and singing quality is maintained in the chapter. 

In order to run an organization like the Sarnia Bluewater Chordsmen, there is a need for an executive 
committee to handle day-to-day activities as well as medium and short range planning. The 2021
executive are:

President: David Crosbie
Recording Secretary: Ted Stewart
Treasurer: Kameron Hartman
Chapter Development - David Crosbie
Music and Performance - Dave Alway
Program: David Crosbie
VP of Communications - David Crosbie 
Youth In Harmony - open
Harmonize for Speech: Bob Finley
Sing Canada Liaison: Bob Finley
Audio Visual Librarian - Paul Greaves
Music Librarian - Roy Kennedy
Uniform Manager: Mark Wighton
Sunshine Man: Dale Werner
Member at Large:  Walter Frais
Member at Large: Joe Lobsinger
Webmasters: Walter Frais and David Crosbie
Historian: Paul Greaves
Script Writer - Dave Alway
Directors and Chorus Coaches:   David Crosbie, Ian Crosbie and Joe Lobsinger.

In addition to those listed above, the following are members of the Sarnia chorus:

Al Scott
John Deelstra
Brad Lynn
Bryce Robbins 
Gordon Middleton​
Joe Donohue
Alan Wise​
​Scott Ritchie
George Bice
Doug Doull
Bob Grimshaw

Walter Frais and Welf Chaytor have been named Ontario District Barbershoppers of Reknown for 2017. Walt and Welf  join a group of 13 members (11 present and 2 past) of the Bluewater Chordsmen that have won this awardCongraulations Walt and Welf. 

This award is given annually to the barbershopper(s) 
in the Sarnia chorus who most gave of himself/themselves for 
betterment of the Bluewater Chordsmen. The 2019
Barbershoppers of the Year are Bob Grimshaw, Rob Rooke and Ian Crosbie.
Congratulations guys!!!