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Casual Dress, Annual Show - October, 2011
Formal Dress, Annual Show - October, 2011
With MegaCity, Annual Show - October, 2011
Dow People Place - September, 2011
Our Chorus
Riverside Quartet
With MegaCity, Close-up
​Performing at Starbright - 2010

CHANCES ARE (1st song):

What a stunning, fully committed performance!
You brought the audience right into your hearts.
Wise to sing and modify to show what you do well!
The blend and balance is excellent!! Bravo.

TILL TOMORROW (2nd song):

Great attention to detail!!
Nice high B natural
Absolutely splendid!!
Lambton County Music Festival, May 2012
ANNUAL SHOW,  October 2011
> 2011 - Sept, Dow People Place
              - Oct, Annual Show
> 2010 - Starbright
> 2012 - May     Lambton Music Festival
                              and finale
             - June   Dow People Place
Warming Up
Adjudicator,  Jean Ashworth-Bartle Presents Results
"RESOLUTION" - Quartet Champions
Tim Melanby, Rich Lauzon, Doug Robinson, Ian Crosbie
Lambton County Music Festival Champions - May, 2012
" 4 MORE" Second Place (tied)
Dale Werner, Paul Greaves, Doug Doull, Dave Overton

"RIVERSIDE" Second Place (tied)
Bob Marsh, John Hopkins, Ted Stewart, Joe Lobsinger
During Performance
Acknowledging Applause
Unloading the risers
Audience assembles as concert begins
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Doug Doull pitches the chorus
Chordsmen perform.
Nik's first Chordsmen performance
  > 2015 - November Harvest Dinner in Wilkesport
Bluewater Chordsmen taken at our practice hall November 2017.
Bluewater Chordsmen at "Light Up Our Hospital" (Bluewater Health) November 30, 2017
>2018 - Annual Show photo.
2018 Annual Show photo with our guests the Lambton Youth Choir. The show was at the Sarnia Imperial Theatre
Singing for the Quilters Guild Annual banquet at Camlachie Community Centre June 2018.
Port Lambton Christmas Concert, December 8, 2019.