Do you like to sing? Do you enjoy humming along to your car radio or your favorite CD? 
Maybe you sing in the shower or already singing in a church choir or other choral group 
and would like to add to that experience by trying a more contemporary musical style. 
We are not looking for Canadian Idol contender singing quality. We would love it if all our 
members could be so accomplished. We are looking for men who can ‘carry a tune’. 
We will do the rest.

We welcome men of all ages, backgrounds and experience. We’ve had members join as 
teenagers and at seventy. No musical training or auditions are required to be part of our group. We will provide you with everything you need to learn your part. New songs are taught
through quartet demonstration of each part and we will provide you with sheet music and a CD with all four parts. That way you can learn on your own at home.

We strive for excellence in performance. Memorizing notes and words is assisted by coaching in proper posture, breath control, tonal quality, articulation, interpretation and ‘telling the story’ in music. Members are expected to attend rehearsals with regularity and also spend time outside of rehearsals learning repertoire songs. We expect members to adhere to a code of ethics regarding public behavior.

To see if this activity is for you, come and visit one of our rehearsals, have a coffee and 
meet some of the guys. Take part in the musical warm-up at the beginning of the evening. 
Don’t be surprised if you are invited to join in for a well known song, or if you prefer, 
just sit for a while and observe how we learn and practice the techniques of 
singing and entertaining. There is no pressure to join. Try it for a few weeks before
you decide if this activity is for you.

How much will all of this cost you? The main costs are for membership fees. This includes 
dues to the International Society, dues to Ontario District and local chapter dues. The total is 
about $250 per year, less than a cup of coffee per day and can be paid over time or 
as a single payment on your anniversary date. You will also be charged a small deposit 
for the Chorus uniforms (tux, shirt, pants, shoes and ties).  There will also be travel 
costs if you choose to attend out of town conventions or workshops.

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